A Hymn to God the Father (1984) 3 min. for soprano and piano. CMC Poetry by John Donne.

Carol in Three-three Time (1992) 5 min. For soprano and piano. Commissioned by the Concours de Musique du Canada as a test piece with the help of the Canada Council. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/67786lh59fc7rcf/Carol%20in%20Three%20Three%20Time.mp3?raw=1

Child in the House (2014) 16 min. The middle four songs from The Nanny. Version for lower voice as well. CMC

Four Songs from the Garden of Alice (1983) 11 min. For high and medium voices voices and piano. Four humorous songs taken from the opera. CMC

Joke Aria from the Final Bid (1980) 2 min. for tenor and piano from the opera The Final Bid. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/xaq0n70au5quzgy/Joke%20Aria.mp3?raw=1

Men I Have Known (1984) 18 min. Song cycle for mezzo soprano and piano. Written for a one hour special of music by Elizabeth Raum for CBC. Words by the composer. CMC

River of Life  (1997) 5 min. For soprano and piano. Commissioned by the Conservatory of Music and Dance, University of Regina, to honor Dr. William Riddell at a gala fundraiser dinner. Also a version for soprano, clarinet, violin, and piano and violin and piano. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/tdeylp3oppxfqvz/River%20of%20life%2C%20Erika%2C%20Andrea%2C%20Michael%20CBC.mp3?raw=1

Sirens (2004) 20 min. A song cycle based on various Greek myths, commissioned by the “Prairie Sirens,” the duo vocal team of Cindy Crawford and Karen Charlton, for premiere at the Regina Musical Club Concert, April 3, 2004 and recorded by the CBC.

The Garden Song (1983) 5 min. for soprano and piano from The Garden of Alice. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/won91netb6c90q8/Garden%20Song%20from%20Garden%20of%20Alice.mp3?raw=1

The Golden Years (1992) 2 min. for soprano and piano, written for the Golden Wedding Anniversary of the composer’s aunt and uncle. CMC Words by the composer.

The Nanny (2014) 25 min. A song cycle the celebrates Geraldine Vida-Soverano, the Filipino nanny who took care of the composer’s daughters’ children. Premiered by Michele Bogdanovicz, mezzo soprano, and Rachel Andrist, piano, at Recitals at Rosedale, March 8, 2015. CMC

The Passing (1984) 3 min. for soprano or mezzo soprano and piano. Poetry by Emily Dickenson. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/mnwdxy1egpe6z3q/The%20Passing.mp3?raw=1

Three Easy Songs (2004) Three children’s songs written for children to sing with easy piano accompaniments. 

Victims of Eagles (1990) 4 min. For tenor and piano. Poetry by John V. Hicks. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/vh86zv8g93037yy/Victims%20of%20Eagles.mp3?raw=1

Wait Until the Morning (1992) 4 min. from the opera” Eos: The Dream of Nicholas Flood Davin. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/jpdu8n0ffg8fz13/Wait%20Until%20the%20Morning%20comp.mp3?raw=1

What is Truth? (1990) 3 min. For tenor and piano CMC Words and music by E. Raum  https://www.dropbox.com/s/id1l1nnodxw307l/What%20is%20Truth.mp3?raw=1


A Dialogue Between Two Shepherds (2011) 8 min. Commissioned by Primavera Concerts for the Baroque ensemble, Musathena, two violins, one cello, harpsichord, soprano, and counter tenor (mezzo soprano) on the pastoral poem by Mary Sidney Herbert, premiered in St. Catherines, March 5, 2011. https://www.dropbox.com/s/f46fp669mjf8a7u/A%20Dialogue%20Between%20Two%20Shephers.mp3?raw=1

A Poet’s Day (1984) 6 min. For soprano or tenor, piano, and optional string bass. Poetry by Emily Schudel. CMChttps://www.dropbox.com/s/23ms1haiggbn3l7/A%20Poet%27s%20Day.mp3?raw=1

Dark Thoughts (1998) 22 min. For Mezzo Soprano, clarinet and piano. Poetry by Betsy Warland. Commissioned by counter tenor, Gary Day. Winner of the award for Best Classical Composition from the Western Canadian Music Awards, 2008. CMC 

First and Gracious Sight (1987) 20 min. Scored for tenor, oboe, and piano: or for baritone, violin and piano. Poems of John V. Hicks, Saskatchewan poet. 

Player Pianist (1984) 8 min. Song cycle for soprano, violin, oboe and marimba. Written on poems by the composer’s sister, Priscilla Hallberg. There is an updated version of this cycle called Songs of Mt. Olympus. See below.

Renovated Rhymes (1999) 12 min. Commissioned by Dr. Karen Peeler and Trio Ariana. 7 songs for mezzo soprano, viola, and piano on the poems of John V. Hicks. Recorded on their CD, Incantations and Rhymes. Also a version for tenor, violin, and piano.

Songs of Mt. Olympus (2020) based on the song cycle, Player Pianist with different words. Synthesized version here. Contact E Raum.

The Orphic Thread (1984) 25 min. Written on commission of the CBC for woodwing quintet and mezzo soprano on nine poems by Canadian poet, John V. Hicks


Ballad to Saskatchewan (1980) 3 min. Versions: a capella, unison, SSA, SATB, with chord accompaniment, with orchestral accompaniment. CMC for orchestral accompaniment, contact E. Raum for other versions. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ma1xmbcucvcvvw4/Ballad%20to%20Saskatchewan.mp3?raw=1

Capital Pontiac (2005) 3 min. For the New Music in New Spaces concert by the University of Regina Chamber Singers at the Capital Pontiac Showroom, March 16, 2005, Regina. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ew3azt67k8ftxh/capital%20Pontiac%20.mp3?raw=1

Concerto for Cello and Choir “Four Humours for Cello and Choir” (2011) 17 min. Commissioned and premiered by cellist, Ed Laut and choral director, Paul Tucker of the University of Kansas for premiere May 9 2011 at the University of Kansas. Also a version for cello and piano. Contact E. Raum

Diana, Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt (2007) commissioned by the Savridi Singers of Calgary for premiere in March, 2008. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/n34htgphixfhyrs/Dianna.mp3?raw=1

Four Medieval Songs (1990) 15 min. Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Choral Federation. Accompanied by brass quintet or keyboard reduction. https://www.dropbox.com/s/maw7e6ipfk5pakf/Four%20Medieval%20Songs.mp3?raw=1

Little Dove (199˛5) 5 min. Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association. Published by Treble Clef Music. Chosen for the Waging Peace Through Singing program from among the compositions of over 30 countries. https://www.dropbox.com/s/674ehom579g8ve9/Little%20Dove.mp3?raw=1

Piano on the Prairie (2004) 5 min. Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association for the centenary of the Province of Saskatchewan. Versions for SA, SSA, SAB, SATB, and TTBB. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/lhg9jsupfxbxxkk/Piano%20on%20the%20Prairie.mp3?raw=1

Place of Beginnings (1989) 7 min. Commissioned by the Campbell Collegiate High School for their 25th anniversary. Written for SATB high school chorus, string orchestra, and optional violin obbligato. Piano reduction as well. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/aeqkjki81eeqz35/Place%20of%20Beginnings.mp3?raw=1

Posaune Oratorio (1992) 55 min. Commissioned by the First Presbyterian Church in Regina for SATB choir, soloists, organ, and trombone quartet. Premiered in sections over the season of Lent, and then in a complete performance in May, 1992. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/z2xkh4v3xa6vcbxn2i854/Posaune-Oratorio-excerpt.mp3?rlkey=n2mex0z6zpo4329mefp4xv1lv&raw=1

Shadows of Dusk from Symphony of Youth with cello accompaniment. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/1pbwfa60a1fsfby/Shadows%20of%20Dusk.mp3?raw=1

The Right Combination (1995) 5 min. Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association. CMC https://www.dropbox.com/s/xyz5taqs9mk6658/The%20Right%20Combination.mp3?raw=1

The Seasons   (1980)  6 min.  For two part children’s chorus and piano. CMC

Three Easy Songs (2004) Three children’s songs written for children to sing with easy piano accompaniments. CMC

Voices Raised (1996) 4 min. Commissioned for the Regina Male Voice Choir. Premiered May 6, 1996. CMC

We Are All One In Music (2008) commissioned by F.W. Johnson Collegiate for the chorus made up of English as a Second Language students. CMC



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  1. Hello Elizabeth,

    Your beautiful song cycle for Two Sopranos and Piano, SIRENS, was shared with me by Dr. Dorothy Maddison of James Madison University for a possible future performance presentation at the Music By Women Festival in Mississippi. I am thrilled to learn of your compositions as I have a professional Duo specializing in women composers, Feminine Musique http://www.femininemusique.com. In any case, I would love to submit to the Festival to present this song cycle with my Duet partner in March, 2018. Dorothy knows our voices and felt it would be quite perfect for us. After perusing the score today, I quite agree! The submission requires a sample mp3 of the work however, and I and my Duet partner are unable to rehearse and record the work in the next two weeks by the submission deadline. I am currently Visiting Professor of Voice at St. Olaf College in MN and am also commuting back and forth each week to NY where I am also on Voice Faculty at Hofstra University and this time of year has no flex in our individual concert/teaching schedules to accomplish the recording. The Festival Director also knows our voices as we premiered several pieces there last year so they are happy to consider our submission of presenting the Cycle with another sample recording (not our voices) to become more. familiar with the work . Might you have an mp3 or recording you are able to digitally share with me? Excerpts of movements would be fine if you prefer. We would love to have the opportunity to bring your Cycle to the attention of other fine women composers and musicians championing women composers. The Festival is of a very high caliber. More information can be found here: http://www.muw.edu/musicbywomen. Thank you very much. Best, Tammy Hensrud

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