Solo Accompanied by Band

Concerto del Garda  (1997) 20 min. Concerto for tuba  (or euphonium) and band, also orchestrated for tuba and orchestra, and with piano reduction. Recorded by John Griffiths on his CD, Canadian Chops, and premiered also by Roger Bobo with the Minnesota Pops at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference in Minneapolis,  Minnesota, available from Tuba Euphonium Press.

Concerto for Bass Trombone(2009) commissioned by Barnaby Kerekes to celebrate the 60th birthday of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra bass trombonist, Douglas Sparkes. 10 minutes. Also a version with piano and with strings and percussion. Published by Cherry Classics

Faustbuch  (2003) commissioned by Mark Jenkins for euphonium and piano. Version also with band accompaniment. Three movements based on the Faust legend. Also a version for F tuba. Premiered by Jenkins on January 24th at the Army band tuba/euphonium convention at Ft. Myer, Virginia, and band version premiered by John Griffiths at ITEC 2004 in Budapest.  Available from the Tuba Euphonium Press.Faustbuch Mv. 1 Faust and Mephistopheles

Pershing Concerto  (1999) 20 min. Concerto for tuba (or euphonium) and band, also orchestrated for tuba and orchestra and with paino reduction. Premiered with the U.S. Army Band (“Pershing’s Own”) and John Griffiths, tuba soloist, in January, 2,000. Also performed at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference (ITEC) in Regina,2000. Published by Tuba Euphonium Press.

Sherwood Legend (1996) (25 min) for solo French horn and Orchestra, commissioned by the Calgary Philharmonic and Kurt Kellan, soloist, for premiere, Jan. 16, 1997. Recorded by the CBC for national broadcast. Available with piano reduction, full orchestral accompaniment, or symphonic band.

T for Tuba  (1991)  4 min.  Commissioned by the Regina Junior Lions Band and tuba player, John Griffiths for performance at the Midwestern Bandmaster’s Clinic in Chicago.  Professional and student versions for the tuba solo as well as versions for trombone and baritone. Available from Virgo Music.

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