MP3s for the music on this page will be found either in the ENSEMBLE CROSS REFERENCES (above menu heading) or in the pages for individual instruments.

Aegean Perspective 1999) 14 min.
Commissioned by Shelley Jagow and Wright State University,  Dayton, Ohio, for flute, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, and percussion. Narration, written by the composer and based on a humorous, modern perspective of ancient Greek myths, can be narrated by the musicians or by an outside narrator. Premiered at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference in Regina, 2000. Later performed at the World Saxophone Congress in Montreal and the World Flute Congress in Ohio. CMC

Arabesque for String Bass and English Horn (1985) 5 min.
Commissioned by Stephen McLellan, principal bassist in the Regina Symphony. CMC

Canterbury Ayre  (1995) for woodwind quintet. Virgo.

Canzoni di Natali  (2000) 10 min. for brass trio plus violin and organ, commissioned by the Borealis Brass from Fairbanks, Alaska, to perform at the Grand Jubilee “Women in Music, The Paradox of Love” concert series being held in Rome. CMC

Diversions for Trombone Quartet (1998) 10 min.
Commissioned by the Aurora Trombone Quartet and recorded on their CD. Warwick

Excerpting (2007) 20 min. for solo oboe. Commissioned by Nancy Ambrose King and the university of Michigan Oboe Studio with assistance from Andy Hill. Each of the seven movements is built on an excerpt that all oboist spend hours practicing. CMC

Festival Fanfare for Brass Quintet  (1998) 5 min. Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Festival Association for their 90th anniversary. CMC

Four Elements for String Quartet (2004) 22 min. Commissioned by the CBC for performance at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival. Premiered by the Arthur-Leblanc String Quartet, July 29, 2004. CMC

Four Elements for Violin and Trombone  (1980)  12 min.  Serial Piece for unaccompanied violin and trombone. CMC

Idom for French Horn  (1982)  6 min.  Written for unaccompanied French horn at the request of Philip  Meyers, principal horn of the New York Philharmonic. CMC

International Suite (1992) 23 min. For wind octet. Seven movements each representing a different country. Premiered by the Qu”Appelle Wind Octet in Alexandria, Minnesota. CMC

King Lear Fantasy  (1987)  14 min.  Woodwind quintet (optional part for alto trombone replacing the French horn)  based on themes used by the composer for background music for a production of King Lear. CMC

Mr. S.C. for Solo Tuba, Saxophone Quartet, and Vibraphone  (2005) 7 min. commissioned by Portuguese tubist, Sergio Carolino for  his new CD. Also a version for solo euphonium. Cimarron

Northern Lights for Solo Flute and Tape  (1995) 14 minutes. For solo flute and tape.  Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Youth Ballet with assistance from the Canada Council. Premiere performance on May 11, 1995, with Jane Schudel, flute. CMC

Passacaglia Interruptus for trombone sextet and two tubas) (2009) 7 min. Commissioned and recorded by Sergio Carolino, tuba, and the Wild Bones Gang. Cimarron

Phoenix (2007) 15 min. commissioned by the Colours of Music Festival in Barrie, Ontario, 2007, for the Nexus Percussion Ensemble and violinist, Lynn Kuo. Versions both for percussion quintet and percussion trio and violin. Contact E. Raum

Prelude to Parting for Violin, Trombone, and Tape (1995) 14 min. For Trombone, Violin, and tape. Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Youth Ballet with assistance from the Canada Council. Premiere performance on May 11, 1995 with mother-daughter dancers, Connie and Katrina Wernikowski, and father and daughter musicians, Richard and Erika Raum. Also performed at the International Trombone Festival in Feldkirch, Austria, in 1996. DVD of the performance available on request. CMC

Processional Fanfare for Trombone Quartet  (1985)  3 min. Warwick

Quartet for Alto Saxophones Version of the above for saxophone quartet. Contact E. Raum

Quartet for Brass  (1980)  14 min.  Quartet arrangement for two trombones and two trumpets of the above. Contact E. Raum

Quartet for Horns (1998) 12 minutes. Commissioned by the Canadian Horn Quartet (Martin Hackleman, Kurt Kellan, Joan Watson, and David Hoyt)  for premiere at the International Horn summit in Banff, Alberta, in 1998. Warwick

Quintet for Brass  (1980)  14 min. CMC

Quintet for Trombones  (2007) 3 minutes, written for I Trombone to premiere at The Colours of Music Festival in Barrie, Ontario. Cherry Classics

Searching for Sophia (2001) 17 min. Version of the piano trio of the same name for oboe and string quartet. CMC

String Quartet (1993)  23 min.  Commissioned by the Regina Symphony for the Prairie Festival of New music. CMC

Suite for Woodwind Quintet  (1982)  6 min.  Three movements, winner of the Saskatchewan Music Educator’s Association competition for an ensemble work written for high school students. CMC

Suite from Carmen, The Passion for Wind Octet (2017) 17 min. from the Suite from Carmen the Passion arranged for chamber orchestra. Premiered by the VentElation Octet.

Sweet Dances for Solo Tuba  (2002) 9 min. Commissioned by John Griffiths for premiere at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference, May 29, 2002, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Tuba Euphonium Press

Table at the Bushwakker  (2008) 12 min. commissioned by the St. Lawrence String Quartet as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations. Premiered at Banff, Alberta, as well as Edmonton and Calgary October, 2008 at which time the composer accompanied the quartet on the tour. CMC

Transplants, for Clarinet or Oboe and  Tape  (2009) 20 min. commissioned by Pauline Minevich for performance in Prairie Festival of New Music. Contact E. Raum

Will There Be a Time  (1997) 12 min. Commissioned by John Griffiths for solo tuba to be performed at the International Tuba-Euphonium Conference in Riva del Garda, Italy in July, 1997. Tuba Euphonium Press

(Wright State of Mind)  (2000) 5 min Commissioned by saxophonist, Shelley Jagow and Wright State University for tape and solo saxophone. Premiered at the “Women and Music Technology Conference” in Wright State, Dayton, Ohio, in March, 2000. Contact E. Raum