CONCERTO (also with piano reduction)
Dance Suite for Solo Clarinet and Band (2017) 20 min. 5 dances. Commissioned by a consortium of bands for soloist, Pauline Minevich and the University of Regina Wind Ensemble conducted by Brent Ghiglione. Premiered April 4, 2017. Available from the CMC.

Phantom Drum for Solo Clarinet, Strings, and Percussion adapted from the original version for oboe. (2003) CMC This is a recording of a performance with piano and clarinet. They made some noise setting it up but it’s a fantastic performance so I used it, Nino Pinta is the clarinettist


Transplants (2009) 20 min. Commissioned by Pauline Minevich for clarinet and tape with inactive dialogue. The script compares the problems of transplanting plants to transplanting people. Premiered at the 2009 Prairie Festival of New Music. CMC This is the version with oboe.


Elegy for Clarinet and Piano from Phantom Drum (2021) 5 min. CMC The recording is with oboe.

Variations for Clarinet and Piano (2006) 11 min. adapted from Variations for Trumpet and Piano. published by Cimarron This is the version with trumpet

Parody for Clarinet (1992) 5 min. Commissioned by the Concours de Musique du Canada with the help of the Canada Council. CMC

Romance for Clarinet and Piano (1992) 5 min. Also with chamber orchestra accompaniment. This piece was commissioned by the Concours de Musique du Canada as the test piece for French Horn. It is very melodic and romantic but not technically difficult. It was originally for horn and piano the composer arranged it for Bb clarinet as well. Cherry Classics This is the version with horn.


Elegy for Clarinet Quartet (2021) 5 min. Version of the oboe quartet, commissioned by the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra for oboe and string trio. CMC The recording is with oboe.

Flights of Fancy (2012) 12 min. commissioned by the Triple Play Ensemble, Charlotte Leonard, trombone, Brenda Arrowsmith, clarinet, and Charlene Biggs, piano. Premiered at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Oct. 2012. Also versions for tuba and clarinet and baritone sax and clarinet. This version is for baritone sax. Published by Cimarron

Spanish Overture for Clarinet, Trombone, and Piano (2020) 8 min. commissioned by the Triple Play Ensemble. CMC

Dark Thoughts (1998) 22 min. For Mezzo Soprano, clarinet and piano. Poetry by Betsy Warland. Commissioned by counter tenor, Gary Day. Winner of the award for Best Classical Composition from the Western Canadian Music Awards, 2008. CMC

Fantasy for piano, cello, and clarinet (2006) 6’30” Written for Katherine Skorzewski, cellist, on commission of her son, Jan, as a 60th birthday. CMC

The Bushwakker Six Pack. (2002) 17min. for clarinet, trumpet, and piano; oboe, trumpet, and piano; trumpet, horn, and piano; trumpet trombone and piano; and clarinet, euphonium, and piano. Commissioned by hornist, Kurt Kellan, and clarinettist, Don Oehler, in 2002 for premiere at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, March, 2003. The Bushwakker Brewpub is a popular watering hole in Regina where musicians often gather after concerts. The movements (Stubblejumper, Northern Lights, Screamin’ Mosquito Chili Beer, Last Mountain,MacGregor’s Wee Heavy) and India Pale Ale are named for the beers brewed at Bushwakker’s. CMC. The link is for the trumpet and trombone version of India Pale Ale. CMC

Duet and Burlesque (2001) 16 min. for violin, clarinet, and piano. Commissioned by Eduard and Pauline Minevich with assistance from the Sask. Arts Board. CMC

Baroque Trio (1989) 12 min. Commissioned by Trio Mio, a Toronto based ensemble, for clarinet (optional doubling on E-flat), flute (optional doubling on alto flute and piccolo), and piano. Premiered at Roy Thompson Hall and taken on tour with Jeunesses Musicales. Also “mix and match” versions for violin on the first part and viola on the second. This is the version with flute, clarinet, and harpsichord. CMC

Phoenix (1986) 10 min. Commissioned by the Contemporary Directions Ensemble in Regina for flute, clarinet, cello, trombone, percussion, and piano. CMC

Searching for Sophia (2000) 15 min. for clarinet and string quartet. Also a version for clarinet and string trio. See below. CMC

Searching for Sophia, Mv. 2 for clarinet and string trio (2019) from the original Searching for Sophia clarinet quartet. Premiered by Kay Royer, clarinet, and strings from the Scarborough Philharmonic, 2019.

Amazing Grace (2002) 4 min Arrangement of the well known hymn for trumpet, clarinet, and piano

Aegean Perspective (1999) 14 min. Commissioned by Shelley Jagow and Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, for flute, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, and percussion. Narration, written by the composer and based on a humorous, modern perspective of ancient Greek myths, can be performed by the musicians or by an outside narrator. Premiered at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference in Regina, 2000. Later performed at the World Saxophone Congress in Montreal and the World Flute Congress in Ohio. CMC

River of Life (1997) 5 min. For soprano, clarinet, violin, and piano. Also a version for soprano, violin, and piano. Commissioned by the Conservatory of Music and Dance, University of Regina. CMC

Sextet for Woodwind Quintet and Piano (1992) Commissioned by Music Toronto and recorded for Arts National.

King Lear Fantasy (1987) 14 min. Woodwind quintet (optional part for alto trombone replacing the French horn) based on themes used by the composer for background music for a production of Shakespeare’s King Lear.

The Orphic Thread (1984) 25 min. Written on commission of the CBC for woodwind quintet and mezzo-soprano on nine poems by Canadian poet, John V. Hicks.

Suite for Woodwind Quintet (1982) 6 min. Winner of the Saskatchewan Music Educator’s Association competition for an ensemble work written for high school students.