Music for Student Performers

Ballad and Dance (2001) 6 min. Commissioned by the Canadian Music Centre for their  Prairie Region’s NMFYM project. CMC

Ballad to Saskatchewan  (1980)  3 min.  For unison, SATB, and SSA with piano in either the key of D or E. Also versions for A Capella SATB and with chord symbols. This version is from Symphony of Youth with orchestra accompaniment, Contact  E. Raum

Barcarola  (1994) 3 min. for flute or piccolo and piano. Virgo

Canterbury Ayre (1995) from Suite for Woodwind Quintet. Virgo

Serenade a la Posthorn  1995) for flute or oboe and piano. Virgo

Duet for Like Instruments  (2010) 2 min. Contact E. Raum

Flowers  (1994) 2 min. for flute or oboe and piano. Also a version for alto sax.  Alry.

Heidi ‘n Seek Duet for flute oboe and piano; oboe alto sax and piano; two oboes and piano; oboe clarinet and piano; and two flutes and piano (2010) 2 min. Contact E. Raum

Mulligan’s Toy Shop  (1983)  40 min.  Musical for children to perform.  Text by the composer.  Instructions for sectionalized rehearsals.  Optional parts for rhythm band.   Accompanied by piano. Premiered by the Canadian Children’s Opera Company. CMC

Place of Beginnings   (1989)  7 min.  Commissioned by the Campbell Collegiate High School for their 25th anniversary.  Written for SATB high school chorus, string orchestra, and optional violin obbligato.  Piano reduction as well. CMC

Saskatchewan Mosaic   (1980)  4 min.  For two part children’s chorus, piano,  optional recorder trio and drum.  CMC

Six Easy Tunes for Beginner Piano written for the Saskatchewan Registered Music Teacher’s Association Conference in 2004. CMC

T for Tuba  (1991)  4 min.  Commissioned by the Regina Junior Lions Band and tuba player, John Griffiths for performance at the Midwestern Bandmaster’s Clinic in Chicago.  Professional and student versions for the tuba solo as well as versions for trombone and baritone. Virgo Music.

The Ballad of John Ware (2011) 3 min.  Commissioned by Trudy Fossy and the Calgary School Division for the John Ware Junior High School Band. There is an optional solo trumpet and solo violin (or flute) obligato part. There are two versions, simple and advanced, which can be played individually or together. Contact E. Raum

The Seasons   (1980)  6 min.  For two part children’s chorus and piano. CMC

Three Easy Songs for Beginner Singer and Accompanist written for the Saskatchewan Registered Music Teacher’s Association Conference in 2004. CMC