Amazing Grace (2002) 4 min. Arrangement of the week known hymn for trumpet clarinet, and piano. Contact E. Raum

Canzoni di Natali (2000) 10 min.  for brass trio plus violin and organ, commissioned by the Borealis Brass from Fairbanks, Alaska, to perform at the Grand Jubilee “Women in Music, The Paradox of Love” concert series being held in Rome. CMC

Quartet for Brass 1980)  14 min.  Quartet arrangement for two trombones and two trumpets of the above. Contact E. Raum

Quintet for Brass (1980)  14 min. CMC

The Bushwakker Brewpub (2002)  17min.  for trumpet, horn, and piano;  trumpet, oboe, and piano;  clarinet, trumpet, and piano. CMC

The Bushwakker Six Pack (2012) 23 min. for trumpet, trombone, and piano. One more movement than “The Bushwakker Brewpub”  CMC

Variations for Trumpet and Piano (2006) 17 min. commissioned by and recorded by Dean McNeil, Saskatoon trumpet player, on his new CD. Contact E. Raum