Persephone and Demeter for Solo Violin and Viola (2003) 20 min. Commissioned by the Scotia Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, premiered by Erika Raum and Rivka Golani in March, 2004 with the Regina Symphony Orchestra. Partial recording:

Romance for Viola (from the Romance for Trombone) and Chamber Orchestra (2001) 5 min. Premiered by Richard Raum at the Prairie Festival of New Music, April, 2001. Versions also for French horn, bassoon, and cello and with piano reduction. Available from Cherry Classics. The recording is with trombone

Capriccio for Viola and Orchestra (2023) 9 min. Adapted from Capriccio for Violin and Orchestra. Also available with piano accompaniment. Available from the CMC.

Prayer and Dance of Praise (1997) 10 min. for violin, viola, or cello and piano. Test piece commissioned by the Eckhardt-Gramatte National Competition for the Performance of Canadian Music. Premiered May, 1997 in Brandon, Manitoba, by the winner of the competition and taken on tour across Canada. This version is for viola by Lisa Moody.

Capriccio for Viola and Piano See above.

Rhapsody for Viola and Piano (2011) 5 min. Commissioned by Nick Ugelmi, formerly named “Reverie” and written in 1987. Available from the CMC.

Baroque Trio (1989) 12 min. Commissioned by Trio Mio, a Toronto based ensemble, for clarinet (optional doubling on E-flat), flute (optional doubling on alto flute and piccolo), and piano. Premiered at Roy Thompson Hall and taken on tour with Jeunesses Musicales. Also “mix and match” versions for violin on the first part and viola on the second. This is the version with flute, clarinet, and harpsichord.
Renovated Rhymes (1999) 12 min. Commissioned by Dr. Karen Peeler and Trio Ariana. 7 songs for mezzo soprano, viola, and piano on the poems of John V. Hicks. Recorded on their CD, Incantations and Rhymes. Also a version for tenor, violin, and piano.


Victims of Eagles (2021) 8 min Commissioned by the Odin String Quartet for their CD, Journey Through the Night. CMC
Table at the Bushwakker (2008) 12 min. commissioned by the St. Lawrence String Quartet as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations. Premiered at Banff, Alberta, as well as Edmonton and Calgary October, 2008 at which time the composer accompanied the quartet on the tour. 
Four Elements for String Quartet (2004) 22 min. Commissioned by the CBC for performance at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival. Premiered by the Arthur-Leblanc String Quartet, July 29, 2004. 
String Quartet (1993) 23 min. Commissioned by the Regina Symphony for the Prairie Festival of New music. 
Searching for Sophia (2001) 17 min. Version of the piano trio of the same name for oboe and string quartet. Also a version with clarinet and string trio CMC