Canadian Fanfare (2008) 2.5 min. Trumpet sextet version of Queen City Fanfare, premiered at the International Trumpet Guild in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Available from Cimarron

Queen City Fanfare (2002) premiered by the Dallas Wind Symphony, Nov. 19, a version for the Queen City Brass, an English style brass band, performed in May, 2003. CMC Queen City Fanfare

Festival Fanfare (1998) 5 min. Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Festival Association for Brass and Percussion to celebrate their 90th anniversary. Premiered by the Regina Symphony Orchestra, May 2, 1998. Reorchestrated in 2009 for full orchestra. Available as a brass quintet, a work for large brass ensemble and percussion, and full orchestra. CMC Festival Fanfare Selection

Legislative Assembly Fanfare (1993) 2 min. Commissioned for brass and percussion by the Province of Saskachewan as theme music for the TV coverage of the Legislative Assembly. Legislative Assembly Fanfare

Processional Fanfare (1985) 3 min. For large brass ensemble and percussion. Commissioned by the Regina Symphony to open their 1985 season and broadcast nationally on Mostly Music.  Processional Fanfare Brass and Percussion

Bridge City Fanfare (2015) 3 min. Commissioned by Saskatoon Serenade. Available from the Canadian Music Centre. Bridge City Fanfare

Fanfare Overture (2002) 6 min. Full orchestra, premiered by the Regina Symphony Orchestra, February, 2002. Also a version for band. CMC Fanfare Overture orch