Idiom for Solo Trombone transcribed from Idiom for Solo French Horn. (1982) 6 min. Originally written for Philip Myers. Available from Cherry Classics.

Fantasy for Trombone and Piano (1985) 6 min. recital piece, available from Cherry Classics.
Fantasy for Trombone and Band same as above accompanied by band. Also available from Cherry Classics.
Romance for Trombone and Piano
 (2001) 5 min. for trombone and piano adapted from the Romance for French Horn. Available from Cherry Classics, also with orchestral accompaniment.
The Secret of Ben Søgen (2018) 6 min. commissioned by Dominic Ghiglione for premiere in Regina, Saskatchewan, Published by Cherry Classics. Performance here by David Dick, trombone prof. at the Universtiy of Regina.
Three Jazz Moods for Tenor Trombone and Piano (1996) 12 minutes in a version for band and solo trombone or with piano reduction. Available from Virgo Music.–r-a?dl=0
Turning Point (2009) commissioned by Jon Warburton, premiered at the Music Centre in Tel Aviv, Feb. 16, 2009. Published by Cimarron


Around the Bend for trumpet and bass trombone (2014) 3 min. commissioned by Duo Brass. Cherry Classics.
Four Elements for Violin and Trombone (1980) 12 min. Serial Piece for unaccompanied trombone and violin. Available from Cherry Classics.
Four Elements for Trumpet and Bass Trombone (Adapted from Four Elements for Violin and Trombone) (2014) 12 min. Published by Cherry Classics.
Prelude to Parting (1995) 14 min. For Trombone, Violin, and Tape. Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Youth Ballet with assistance from the Canada Council. Premiere performance on May 11, 1995 with mother-daughter dancers, Connie and Katrina Wernikowski, and father and daughter musicians, Richard and Erika Raum. Also performed at the International Trombone Festival in Feldkirch, Austria, in 1996. Available from the CMC. CD version of the taped accompaniment available from the composer, Elizabeth Raum.

Flights of Fancy (2012) 12 min. commissioned by the Triple Play Ensemble, Charlotte Leonard, trombone, Brenda Arrowsmith, clarinet, and Charlene Biggs, piano. Premiered at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Oct. 2012. Version with baritone sax
Relationships for Horn, Bass Trombone, and Tuba (2013) 8 min. commissioned by Arizona State University faculty, John Ericson, Douglas Yeo, and Deanna Swoboda. Available from Cimarron. Also available as a trombone trio.
Spanish Overture for Clarinet, Trombone, and Piano (2020) 8 min. commissioned by the Triple Play Ensemble. CMC
The Bushwakker Six Pack. (2002) 17min. for clarinet, trumpet, and piano; oboe, trumpet, and piano; trumpet, horn, and piano; trumpet trombone and piano; and clarinet, euphonium, and piano. Commissioned by hornist, Kurt Kellan, and clarinettist, Don Oehler, in 2002 for premiere at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, March, 2003. The Bushwakker Brewpub is a popular watering hole in Regina where musicians often gather after concerts. The movements (Stubblejumper, Northern Lights, Screamin’ Mosquito Chili Beer, Last Mountain,MacGregor’s Wee Heavy) and India Pale Ale are named for the beers brewed at Bushwakker’s. CMC. The link is for the trumpet and trombone version.
llusion (is the Better Part of Life) (2022) 11 min. Four movements for bass trombone, trumpet, and piano. Also a version for saxophone, bass trombone, and piano. Commissioned by Lucas Kaspar and JD Little, premiered at Cameron University in Oklahoma. The movements, (Illusion, Fill the Wine Cup, Destiny, and The Ultimate Illusion (Political Debate) are tongue in cheek descriptions of life. Published by Cherry Classics.

Diversions for Trombone Quartet (1998) 10 min. Commissioned by the Aurora Trombone Quartet and recorded on their CD, available from Cherry Classics.

Processional Fanfare for Trombone Quartet (1985) 3 min. Available from Cherry Classics.

Quartet for Brass (1980) 14 min. Quartet arrangement for two trombones and two trumpets of the Quintet for Brass (see below). Available from Cherry Classics.

Canzoni di Natale (for trumpet, trombone, horn, violin, and organ) 12 min., premiered in Rome at the Jubilee and Millennium Celebrations, December 27, 2000 by the Borealis Brass Trio and friends. Available from the composer

King Lear Fantasy (1987) 14 min. Woodwind quintet (optional part for alto trombone replacing the French horn) based on themes used by the composer for background music for a production of King Lear. CMC

Quintet for Trombones (2007) 3 minutes, written for I Trombone to premiere at The Colours of Music Festival in Barrie, Ontario. Cherry Classics

Quintet for Brass (1980) 14 min. Four movement work for brass quintet. Available from Cherry Classics.

The Witness Pixel for Trombone Sextet
(2022) 4 min.) commissioned by Gregory Freeman and the Robinson Secondary School Trombone Choir, Fairfax, Virginia. Also a version for trombone trio. Published by Cherry Classics.


Passacaglia Interruptus for two tubas and 6 trombones. Recorded by Sergio Carolino, Anne Jelle Visser, and “The Wild Bones Gang.” (Cimarron)

Posaune Oratorio (1992) 55 min. Commissioned by the First Presbyterian Church in
Regina for SATB choir, soloists, organ, and trombone quartet. Premiered in sections over the season of Lent, and then in a complete performance in May, 1992. Available from the CMC.