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Amazing Grace (2002) 4 min Arrangement of the well known hymn for trumpet, clarinet, and piano. Contact E. Raum  Listen

Baroque Suite (1989) 12 min. Commissioned by Trio Mio, a Toronto based ensemble, for clarinet (optional doubling on E-flat), flute (optional doubling on alto flute and piccolo), and piano. Premiered at Roy Thompson Hall and taken on tour with Jeunesses Musicales. Also “mix and match” versions for violin on the first part and viola on the second. CMC  Listen

Chagallian Suite for baritone saxophone and piano (16 min.) commissioned by Wayne Leechford for premiere, Jan. 30, 2011 for the Free Spirits Ensemble in Raleigh, North Carolina, with Lanette Lind accompanying him on piano. Version for alto sax and euphonium as well. Cimarron  Listen

Cinderella Suite (1996) 12 min. Written for piano trio (violin, cello, piano). Also a version for flute, cello, and piano. Premiered at the Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers Association Conference, September, 1996. Also simplified version CMC Listen

Conversations for Flute and Piano  (1982) 15 min. Five movements for flute and piano. CMC  Listen

Duet and Burlesque  (2001) 16 min. for violin, clarinet, and piano, commissioned by Eduard and Pauline Minevich with assistance from the Sask. Arts Board for premiere, April 8, 2001, at the University of Regina Concert Series. CMC Listen

Duet for Piccolo (or Flute) and Euphonium and Piano  (2001) 3 min.

Fantasy for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano (2006) 6’30” for piano, cello, and clarinet. Written for Katherine Skorzewski, cellist, on commission of her son, Jan, as a 60th birthday present. Contact E. Raum  Listen

Les Ombres  (1989) 9 min. For violin and piano. Written for the composer’s daughter, Erika and her accompanist, Rachel Andrist. CMC  Listen

Pantheon (1999) 22 min. For horn, violin, and piano, commissioned by Scotia Festival for performance in their 1999 season by Philip Myers, horn, Erika Raum, violin, and Peter Alan, piano CMC Listen

Parody for Clarinet  (1992) 5 min. Commissioned by the Concours de Musique du Canada with the help of the Canada Council. CMC

Phoenix for piano, clarinet, flute, trombone, cello, and percussion, (1986) 12 min. commissioned by the Contemporary Directions Ensemble. CMC  Listen

Prairie Suite (1992) 8 min. Commissioned and recorded by CBC. Scored for violin, cello, oboe, and piano. CMC  Listen

Prayer and Dance of Praise (1997) 10 min. Commissioned by the Eckhardt-Gramatte National Competition for the Performance of Canadian Music for violin, viola, or cello and piano. Premiered May, 1997 in Brandon, Manitoba, by the winner of the competition and taken on tour across Canada. CMC  Listen

Rhapsody for Violin, Cello, Harp, and Organ  (1987) 10 min. For violin, cello, harp, and organ. Premiered at First Presbyterian Church, Regina, Sask. CMC

Romance for French Horn  with versions for tenor trombone or euphonium, bass trombone, alto and tenor saxophone, bassoon, tuba, viola, and cello (1992) 5 min. Commissioned by the Concours de Musique du Canada with the help of the Canada Council. Accompaniment by either piano or chamber orchestra that can be used for all versions. Cherry Classics  Listen

Rondo Variations  (1989) 7  min. Commissioned by the Parkland Ensemble for piano, violin, and double bass (or cello). CMC  Listen

Searching for Sophia (1995) 23 min. Piano trio (violin, cello, piano) written for Winnipeg choreographer, Nina Menon, for The Sightlind Dance Project. CMC Listen 

The Secret of Ben Søgen (2018) 6 min. commissioned by Dominic Ghiglione for premiere in Regina, Saskatchewan, Published by Cherry Classics. Listen

Sextet for Woodwind Quintet and Piano  (1992) Commissioned by Music Toronto and recorded for Arts National. CMC Listen 

Sonata For Violin and Piano  (1995) 20 min. Written for Erika Raum, violinist. Premiered at the Classical Cabaret series in Toronto, September 17, 1995. CMC Listen

The Bushwakker Brewpub (2002) 17 min. This was the original piece before the addition of the last movement to make it a six pack. The five movement piece is for clarinet, trumpet, and piano; trumpet, horn, and piano; oboe, trumpet, and piano; and clarinet, euphonium, and piano. CMC

The Bushwakker Six Pack (2002) 23 min. Several versions including clarinet, horn, and piano; trumpet, trombone, and piano; clarinet, saxophone, and piano; and clarinet, trombone, and piano. This piece was commissioned by horn player, Kurt Kellan and clarinettist, Don Oehler, in 2002 for premiere at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, March, 2003.  Also a recording of the piece is available from the CMC. Listen

Valentine Variations (1991) 11 min. Commissioned by composer Thomas Schudel for his wife, Jane. Variations for flute and piano on a theme written by Schudel. CMC Also an adaptation for trumpet available from Cimarron. Listen

White Horse Inn By Moonlight (2010) for Piano Trio (4 min) commissioned by the CBC for the Music and Beyond Festival in Ottawa, recorded by the CBC for The Gallery Project broadcast on the Radio 2 program, The Signal, July 24, 2010. CMC  Listen