A Prairie Alphabet Musical Parade 30 min. for full symphonic band arranged for the Regina Lions Junior Band for their trip to Japan, July, 2002. This version does not need a singer as the vocal part is covered by the band. Contact E. Raum Prairie Alphabet A

Echoes of Ft. San (1987) 25 min. Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Arts Board to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts in Ft. San. Scored for full concert band. The movements can be purchased separately. CMC

“Relay Race” Relay Race
“Evening” Evening
“Party Night” Party Night

One Hundred Years of Fanfares (2005) 4 min. commissioned by the Saskatchewan Band Association for the Canadian Band Association National Youth Band on the occasion of Saskatchewan’s 100 Anniversary of Confederation. Premiered March 14, 2005 at the University of Regina. CMC One Hundred Y. O. Fanfares. CMCOne Hundred Years of Fanfares

Quest and Discovery (2009) 5 min. Commissioned by Jeffrey Bush for junior high school band, later revised for the University of Manitoba Wind Ensemble, Fraser Linklater conductor, for their CD, North Winds II recorded in 2009. CMC  Quest and Discovery

Sodbuster (1999) 5 min. Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Band Association with assistance from the Saskatchewan Arts Board for full concert band. Premiered in Saskatoon, spring of 2000. CMC  Sodbuster

The Ballad of John Ware (2011) (3 min) Commissioned by Trudy Fossy and the Calgary School Division for the John Ware Junior High School Band. There is an optional solo trumpet and solo violin (or flute) obligato part. Both simplified and advanced versions that can be played separately or together. CMC  Ballad of John Ware