A Hymn To God the Father (1984) 3 min. For soprano and piano. Poetry by John Donne. CMC

A Poet’s Day (1984) 6 min. For soprano, piano, and optional string bass. Poetry by Emily Schudel. CMC

Carol in Three-Three Time (1992) 5 min. For soprano and piano. Commissioned by the Concours de Musique du Canada with the help of the Canada Council. CMC

Dark Thoughts (1998) 22 min. For mezzo soprano, clarinet and piano. Commissioned by countertenor, Gary Day. Poetry by Betsy Warland. Won in the category, Best Classical Composition in the 2008 Western Canadian Music Awards. CMC

First and Gracious Sight (1987) 20 min.  Scored for tenor, oboe, and piano:  or for baritone, violin and piano.  Poems of John V. Hicks, Saskatchewan poet. CMC

Four Songs from The Garden of Alice. 15 min CMC

Joke Aria from The Final Bid
(1984) 4 min. For tenor and piano from the opera, The Final Bid. CMC

Men I Have Known (1984) 18 min. Song cycle for mezzo soprano and piano. Written for a one hour special of music by Elizabeth Raum for CBC. Words by the composer. CMC

Player Pianist 1984)  8 min.  Song cycle for soprano, violin, oboe, and marimba.  Written on poems by the composer’s sister, Priscilla Hallberg. CMC

Renovated Rhymes (1999) 12 min. Commissioned by Dr. Karen Peeler and Trio Ariana. 7 songs for soprano, viola, and piano on the poems of John V. Hicks. Recorded on their CD, Incantations and Rhymes. Also a version for soprano, violin, and piano. CMC

River of Life (1997) 5 min. For soprano and piano. Also a version for soprano, piano, clarinet, and violin. Commissioned by the Conservatory of Music and Dance, University of Regina, to honor Dr. William Riddell at a gala dinner fundraiser dinner. CMC

Sirens (2004) 20 min. A song cycle based on various Greek myths, commissioned by the “Prairie Sirens,” the duo vocal team of Cindy Crawford and Karen Charlton, for premiere at the Regina Musical Club Concert, April 3, 2004 and recorded by the CBC. CMC

The Garden Song (1983) 5 min. For soprano and piano from The Garden of Alice. CMC

The Golden Years 1992) 2 min. for soprano and piano, written for the Golden Wedding Anniversary of the composer’s aunt and uncle. Words by the composer. CMC

The Orphic Thread (1984)  25 min.  Written on commission by the CBC for woodwind quintet and mezzo-soprano on nine poems by Canadian poet, John V. Hicks. CMC

The Passing (1984) 3 min. For soprano or mezzo-soprano and piano. Poetry by Emily Dickinson. CMC

Victims of Eagles (1990) 4 min. For tenor and piano. Poetry by John V. Hicks.

What Is Truth? (1990) 3 min. For tenor and piano. Poetry by the composer.

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