Concerto with Orchestra

 Capriccio for Violin and Orchestra (or Piano) (1992) 8 min. Commissioned by the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra for violinist, Krista Buckland. CMC

Concerto del Garda for Solo Tuba or Euphonium and Band (or Orchestra or Piano) (1997) 14 min. Commissioned by John Griffiths for tuba and piano and premiered at the International Tuba/Euphonium Conference in Rive del Garda, Italy in July, 1997. Orchestral premiere by Roger Bobo at the International Tuba-Euphonium Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1998. Recorded by John Griffiths with the Orchestra of the Cappella of St. Petersburg, Russia, on the CD, The Legend of Heimdall. Tuba Euphonium Press.

Concerto for Bass Trombone and Orchestra, (or Band or Piano) (2009) 12 min. commissioned by Barneby Kerekes for the 60th birthday of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra bass trombonist, Douglas Sparkes. Cherry Classics

Concerto for Double Bass (or Cello) and Orchestra (or Piano) 1993) 15 min. Commissioned by David Ruby of the Saskatoon Symphony for their Bach and Friends Series. CMC

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1993) 30 min. Commissioned by the Regina Symphony for violinist, Erika Raum, daughter of the composer. Premiered in April of 1993 and broadcast for Mostly Music. The writing of the concerto is the subject of a documentary for Sunday Arts and Entertainment on CBC TV. CMC

Faustbuch for Solo Tuba or Euphonium and Concert Band (or Orchestra or Piano) (2004) 20 min. Three movements based on the Faust legend commissioned by Mark Jenkins for euphonium and piano, premiered by Jenkins on January 24th at the Army band tuba/euphonium convention at Ft. Myer, Virginia. The version with band was premiered by John Griffiths at ITEC 2004 in Budapest, and with orchestra was premiered by Mark Jenkins and the US Army Orchestra conducted by Maj. Paul Bamonte. All versions available from the Tuba Euphonium Press.

Olmutz Concerto for Alto Trombone and Orchestra (or Piano) (1995) 20 min. Commissioned by the CBC for trombonist Christian Lindberg and the Regina Symphony Orchestra. Published by Editions Bim.

Persephone and Demeter for Solo Violin and Viola and Orchestra (or Piano) (2003) 20 min. Commissioned by the Scotia Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, premiered by Erika Raum and Rivka Golani in March, 2004 with the Regina Symphony Orchestra. CMC

Pershing Concerto for Solo Tuba or Euphonium and Band, (or Orchestra or Piano) (1999) 20 min. Premiered with the U.S. Army Band (“Pershing’s Own”) and John Griffiths, tuba soloist, in January, 2,000. Also performed at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference (ITEC) in Regina, Saskatchewan in June, 2000. Tuba Euphonium Press

Romance for Trombone and Chamber Orchestra (or Piano) (2001) 5 min. Premiered by Richard Raum at the Prairie Festival of New Music, April, 2001. Versions also for French horn, bassoon, euphonium, viola, and cello. Cherry Classics

Sherwood Legend for Solo French Horn and Orchestra (or Band or Piano) (1996) 25 min. Commissioned by the Calgary Philharmonic and Kurt Kellan, soloist, for premiere, Jan. 16, 1997. Recorded by the CBC for national broadcast. Available with piano reduction or full orchestral accompaniment with rental parts rom CMC.

The Legend of Heimdall for Solo Tuba and Orchestra (or Piano) (1991) 23 min. Commissioned by the CBC for tubist, John Griffiths and the Regina Symphony Orchestra. CMC

The Phantom Drum for Solo Oboe ( or Clarinet), Strings, and Percussion(or Piano) (2003) 10 min. Commissioned by Joseph Salvalaggio and premiered by him with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra. CMC

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  1. Hi I’m a double bass player and I’m playing a recital in December featuring women composers on the bass. I’m very interested in playing Raum’s concerto and I wanted to ask if there’s any way I can have access to a recording of the piece. Thank you in advance,

    Rebeca F

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